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About GND was created so the girl next door would have a place to show off.

One of the things about websites with photos or videos of girls is that usually the sites are run by some company that has paid the girl to pose and then the girl has nothing to do with the site anymore. The webmaster or company behind the site basically lies to the public and pretends the girl is involved. Worse, if the girl is involved, often she doesn't make as much money as the webmaster or company. She gets tricked into taking a small percentage and for whatever reason, she agrees. Sometimes, she's screwed over and the company makes $$$$$!

GND models is 100% different. We put the power BACK in the girl's hands, where it should be!

The girls you find inside this website are responsible for their own photos/videos and the majority of them chat inside the member only exclusive GND forums. You get access to the forums with membership to ANY GND site and your forum membership is good for life. These girls are NOT paid a flat rate fee per hour like other sites do. Why should a girl model for a small amount per hour and then get nothing more out of her photos or participation in the site? Does that make sense to you? GND doesn't take advantage of girls, we empower them! These girls are their own bosses, ask any of them, they'll tell you!

GND is blowing up and the girls are loving it!

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